Children in Foster Care

Children in Foster Care

Adoption Services at D.A. Blodgett – St.John’s helps families who want to adopt a child currently in the foster care system. All of the children we place have been removed from the care of their birth parents due to abuse or neglect.

Our Children
Our children are beautiful, energetic, and full of life. But, because they experienced abuse or neglect by their birth parents, they needed the immediate care of foster parents. Now that they are ready to be adopted, they’ll need parents able to give them extra help and understanding.

Some of our children have already received effective therapy to help them deal with difficult memories. Others have emotional, educational or physical challenges that will still need to be addressed.

What Services Do We Offer?
We provide many free services:

  1. Orientation & Training: Families inquiring about adoption are invited to attend an orientation session, followed by a series of eight training classes.
  2. Assessments: A social worker will assist you in preparing a “family assessment.” This process includes background checks, personal interviews and a visit to your home.
  3. Matching: When you are approved, you will learn about our available children. You will receive detailed information about each child. You may meet with his or her social worker, foster parents, and teachers who know the child well. This process can take from six months to three years. Before a child is placed in your care, you will have the opportunity to host several home visits.
  4. Post-Placement Support: After the adoption, our professional staff will provide services to you and your child(ren) for a minimum of six months. If you need additional support services, we can answer questions and make referrals.

Who Can Adopt?
Children don’t need perfect parents. They need mature, committed adults in their lives who can meet their needs. You may be single, married, or divorced; live in an apartment or a home. You don’t have to have a specific income level.

Permanent, loving homes for every child is our goal, so we carefully review your living arrangements, income, criminal history, family dynamics and general health to make sure the adoption will be successful.

If there is room in your home and your heart for an older child, a sibling group, a minority child, or a disabled child, we want to hear from you!

What Does Adopting Cost?
The full cost of adopting a child from D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s is typically about $200. Costs include court filing fees, checks of criminal history and driving records, health assessments, and securing the child’s birth records. When the adoption is finalized, some of these costs may be refunded.

Adoption Subsidies: Some children qualify for adoption support subsidies, similar to foster care stipends. These are based on the child’s history, not on the parents’ income.

Medical Expenses: Medical subsidies can help cover the costs of a pre-existing medical condition or to continue counseling or therapy.

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