David and Kara

David and Kara

Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for considering the choice of adoption for your baby. As adoptive parents of one child so far, we have seen that the priceless gift that you are giving, is one that is a selfless, loving, and yet painful gift. We have the utmost respect and admiration for your courage, and pray that you may feel hope and peace in this decision.

From the time that we married 8 years ago, we knew that God had a unique plan for our family because doctors told us a heart health issue Kara was born with prevents her from safely enduring a pregnancy. We both grew up in loving families and knew we wanted to shape our life around creating a family.

Four years ago, we were given the precious gift of a sweet daughter- Annabel Marie, by open and caring birthparents. We have marveled at the dynamic personality of our daughter since day one. We have an open adoption with her birth families and have been able to recognize the natural gifts and talents that were inherent from them. She is outgoing, talkative and incredibly creative. As we have watched her grow, we have longed for more sons or daughters to love and raise alongside of her. We both grew up with brothers and sisters, and we remember the laughter, squabbles and schemes that siblings share. We want home where siblings can live and grow in a loving family. We are excited at the hope of adopting another child!

We are intentional in living as a family. If you would like to see pictures and learn about us more click this link: ProfileVideo for a short video we’ve created for you. After Annabel was born, we chose to have Kara stop working full-time, she had taught high school English for 6 years, and stay home. She and Annabel love to read, make crafts, play outside with the neighbors and even run errands together. When Dave is home from working, we have dinner together as a family and spend time reading, playing games or doing something outdoors together. We enjoy all the Michigan seasons have to offer! Camping, swimming, biking, tending our large vegetable garden, ice skating and sledding are a few of our favorites. We absolutely love our neighborhood with its diversity in ages and ethnicities. We have gotten to be friends with many families on our block. As neighbors, we play outside with the kids in sprinklers or snow; we bike and take walks together; we share meals and have dessert nights.

We want you to know that we are committed to raising children with openness and respect for their story and will give them love and support that allows them to create their own individuality. We would consider it the highest privilege to be chosen by loving birthparents like you and to be given the great trust to raise your child. We promise that any child in our home will be raised in a family devoted to God and one another with love, laughter and support.

Thank you for learning more about us. We know that you have significant decisions ahead of you in selecting a family, and we pray that you have peace in those decisions.

With Love,

Dave and Kara