Jeremy and Danielle

Jeremy and Danielle

Dear Expectant Parent,

We have been constantly praying for grace, comfort and guidance to whomever makes the courageous choice to consider adoption. We are waiting patiently to see how our prayers will be answered. When we learned that having a child biologically would be very unlikely, we chose not to struggle with infertility. Rather, we feel peace and excitement that adoption turns out to be God’s plan for how our family will grow.

We met in 2006 through a mutual friend, and have been married for almost five years. We have a strong marriage centered around good communication, our faith, and having fun together! Our marriage continues to delight us and bring us closer together.

Jeremy enjoys photography, movies, and playing bass trombone. In the summers, you can find him biking or running through the parks near our home. He works full time as the social media specialist for a large but local company. Jeremy can’t wait to share his sense of humor and curiosity about the world through books, music, and games. He still has Dr. Suess’s “Fox in Socks” memorized.

Danielle is an elementary and middle school music teacher. As a result, she has a silly song for nearly every animal or holiday you can think of, plus the bubbly enthusiasm that makes her eager to sing, dance, and be happy. She plans to work part time when a baby joins our family, and will continue to enjoy summers off. Danielle loves turning vegetables from our garden into delicious meals and going for runs with our goofy labrador, Braylon.

Both of our big families live nearby. Everyone is excited to hear that we’re hoping to adopt and they are ready to welcome a child with loving and open arms.

We hope to have an open relationship with you, in whatever way makes you comfortable. We want to share photos, letters, and visits with you as we teach this child to know his or her whole life story, and to know you as part of it. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about us as you make plans for your baby’s future, and we will continue to pray for clarity and comfort for you.


Jeremy and Danielle

Adoption Profile - Jeremy and Danielle

  Jeremy Danielle
Height 6'1" 5'6"
Weight 175 120
Eye Color Hazel Hazel
Hair Color Brown Red
Year of Birth 1984 1985
Year Married 2008 2008
Number of Children 0 0
Religion Christian Christian
Race Caucasian Caucasian
Smoker? Non-smoker Non-smoker
Educaiton Bachelors of Arts Bachelors of Music Education
Occupation Social Media Specialist K-8 Music Teacher
Hobbies/Interests Photography, movies, Michigan football, biking, running, web design, and technology Cooking, gardening, running, reading, making music, and home improvement projects
Pets Braylon the dog, Sophie the cat Braylon the dog, Sophie the cat