Joel and Jennifer

Joel and Jennifer

Dear Family,
We are so privileged to have you read our letter. To be completely honest we were struggling to find all the right words to say. After researching, asking family and friends, and worrying that we may say the wrong thing, we decided to simply speak from our hearts. There are no "right words". We want you to feel the respect and compassion we have for you and your family. We will not assume to know your feelings, or what brought you to make the incredible choice of adoption for your baby. You are going to be a mother and possibly (father, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, or cousin.) You will always be your child's family. Our hope is to add to your child's family by becoming loving, honest, compassionate, and protective parents. We want to have open and genuine communication with your child about the love that surrounds him or her. We will put 100% effort into ensuring the most loving and happy home full of laughter, love, family, and encouragement. The love we will give your child will be genuine, endless, and most importantly unconditional.

We have been married for 10 years and have an 8 year old daughter named Sophia. If I had to describe us in three words they would be... active, silly, and optimistic. Our favorite activities are sports, bike riding, traveling, and going for ice-cream. Joel and I can’t wait to add to our family, and Sophia has always wished to be a big sister. She is a sweet and very nurturing little girl.

We have been fortunate to have friends who recently adopted through DA Blodgett- St. John’s. Through them and our social worker, we have been flooded with knowledge, advice, and a sincere respect and understanding towards open adoption. If we are fortunate to meet you (and possibly your family), your plan for your child is our top priority. We will listen to your vision of adoption, and what placing your baby with our family will look like in your eyes. This is your Journey to travel through at your own pace, and under your own control. As we said earlier, we will not pretend to know how you’re feeling. We will however listen to those feelings, and support them in any way we are able. Through this process and for years after we will offer the support and reinsurance you may need. Above all you will feel our love for your baby through our actions, honesty, and compassion. Our family is full of love and lots of laughter. We are not perfect but have fun, love each other, and rely on faith, family, and friends through all of life's experiences. We would be absolutely blessed to share these experiences with you and your baby.

I know it’s just a short letter, but it comes straight from our hearts. We thank you for taking the time to read about us, and how very much we are hoping to become parents! Our wish for you is to find a family that shares your vision for your baby, and respects the journey it will take to fulfill that vision.

Our Blessings,

Jennifer and Joel


Profile of Adoptive Couple - Joel and Jennifer

  Joel Jennifer
Height 5'8" 5'10"
Weight 190 145
Eye Color Brown Green
Hair Color Brown Light Brown
Year of Birth 1974 1974
Year Married 2002 2002
Number of Children 1 1
Religion Christian Christian
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian/Hispanic Caucasian
Smoker or Non-Smoker? Non-smoker Non-smoker
Education Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Bachelors Degree in English and Speech
Occupation Human Resources at Ford Homemaker
Hobbies/Interests Spending time with family, biking, traveling, movies, and sporting events Spending time with family and friends, biking, sports, dining out, movies, traveling, decorating
Pets Dog named Bones Dog named Bones