Ryan and Jennifer

Ryan and Jennifer

Dear Reader,

To be honest, this is a very difficult letter to write and in many ways we are uncomfortable doing it. For reasons unknown to us you have decided to selflessly consider letting another family love your child as their own. As honored as we’d be to do that for you, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the many emotions that must be weighing on your heart. Thus, this letter will be brief, a simple snapshot of our life really. Please consider meeting us if you would like to learn more about our family and why we have chosen this path.

Ryan (the new music seeker) and I (the romantic musician) met at an open mic night ten years ago—we’ve been together ever since. A year to the day we met, Ryan surprised me with a wedding proposal and we got hitched just nine months later. We were married on a farm surrounded by family and friends—we roasted a pig, ate homemade strawberry shortcake, and danced all night to a local bluegrass band. That laid back day reflects our approach to life. We truly enjoy spending time together—whether vegging on the couch, running through Riverside Park, lounging at the beach, or cooking in the kitchen—we find pleasure in the simple things in life and comfort in the nearness of each other.

In 2010, after finishing graduate school and doing some traveling, Ryan and I felt the urge to add to our twosome. While pregnant we discovered that we are both genetic carriers for a life-threatening lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis. This meant our little “peanut” had a ¼ chance of being born with the awful disease. Those were difficult months. We did our best to stay positive and enjoy life despite our fears—we celebrated my sister’s wedding, visited friends and family in Michigan, and took a trip to Kansas City to see a concert. Our prayers were answered on a sunny February day when we welcomed Leo Francis, our healthy and rambunctious son, into the world.

Our decision to adopt has brought us peace in the wake of the grief we experienced after choosing not to have any more biological children. It feels as though we were meant to take this path all along. We understand that adoption is a bittersweet two-way-street that takes courage and love to traverse. There will be ups and downs—and we are not perfect, but we believe if we are honest about our feelings, our fears, and our hopes for the future we can find peace and joy in our unique journey together.

Ryan and Jenni

Profile of Adoptive Couple - Ryan & Jennifer

  Ryan Jennifer
Height 6'0" 5'7"
Weight 168 150
Eye Color Blue Blue
Hair Color Blonde Blonde
Complextion Fair Fair
Year of Birth 1981 1979
Year Married 2006 2006
Number of Children 1 1
Religion Christian Catholic
Race Caucasian Caucasian
Smoker or Non-Smoker Non-Smoker Non-Smoker
Education Bachelor's of History, Graduate Teacher Certificate Master's of History
Occupation Elementary Teacher Research Coordinator
Hobbies/Interests Teaching, music, running, cooking, going to the beach, concerts Exercising, playing guitar, reading, music, thrift store shopping
Pets 1 dog, 1 cat 1 dog, 1 cat