Foster Care

Foster Care

When a child is abused or neglected by his or her parent(s) or another family member, foster parents are able to provide a loving and safe home the child needs until their family situation can be improved.

Our goal is for the child to be reunited with their biological parents in a timely manner. When this is not possible, adoption becomes the goal. Thus, foster care provides a temporary home for a child in special need of safety, security and a loving, supportive family.

About 70% of all children in foster care are in care because their parents have a substance abuse problem. Adult substance abuse, mental illness, and child sexual abuse contribute to an atmosphere where more and more children need a safe living environment while their parents work on successful treatment. Homes for teens are always desperately needed as well as homes for siblings to be placed together.

For more information, please contact Lisa Puente at 616.451.2021 or to email her, click here. 

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