For Kids in School

For Kids in School

Mentoring for kids in school is so important. Sometimes kids have difficult things going on at home which affect their academic performance, social interactions, and self-esteem. Mentoring in the school setting improves grades, builds confidence, and encourages kids in other areas of their lives. As reported by teacher and volunteer surveys, most matched students show great improvement, while volunteers experience personal satisfaction.

Currently, there are over 100 children waiting for a mentor in the School Mentoring Program.

What type of child benefits from the School Mentoring Program?
• Children enrolled in elementary or middle school.
• Children who are considered likely to benefit from a one-on-one relationship with a mentor.
• As determined by school personnel, the focus may be academics; for others, there may be a wider range of activities.

How is a child accepted into the Program?
• Children are referred by a teacher or other school professional.
• Referred children are interviewed by a Big Brother Big Sister Social Worker.
• A parent or guardian signs for approval.

What requirements do I need to be eligible?
• High school age or older
• Available transportation to the child’s school
• Able to meet with the child 30 - 60 minutes a week during the school day

How do I become a School Mentor?
• Call us at 616.451.2021 and ask about our School Mentoring Program
• Complete an application and interview
• Background checks and references are required

Matches can be made throughout the school year. Match activities can be flexible based on the student’s needs. School Mentors may only see the child on school property.

For more information or to become a Big Brother or Big Sister, please call 616.451.2021 or to email click here.

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