For Young Moms - Sisters in Support

For Young Moms

Carrying a child and being a mom can be difficult and overwhelming whoever you are. We have a great way to help pregnant women, first time mothers, and/or mothers of many children in our Sisters-In-Support program. It’s a program where young mothers in need are matched with female mentors in the community. Volunteer “Sisters” act as friends and role models to help young mothers focus on goals related to good parenting, healthy relationships, education and employment.

Currently, there are approximately 20 young women waiting for a Sisters In Support mentor.

Who are the Mothers?

All SIS clients participate voluntarily in the program.  Most are in their teens and twenties and find themselves in a variety of circumstances.  Some are pregnant and others are already parenting one or more children.  They choose this program because they recognize the need for extra support positive role modeling.

What are the Requirements for Being a SIS Volunteer?
You must be at least twenty-four years old and have the use of a car.  We ask for a one-year commitment to spend time once a week with the young mom and her child.  Volunteers complete an application, submit to background checks and go through an interview process with the SIS social worker. Volunteers do not need to be a mother to volunteer.

What can I Offer?
A listening ear, a helpful hand, a loving heart.  Any woman who is able to extend herself in friendship has something to offer.  Clients appreciate volunteers who are caring, concerned and supportive, especially if they understand some of the challenges of pregnancy and parenting.  

What Would we do Together?

SIS volunteers often invite their young mom and her child(ren) to join in activities they already do. Having a picnic, going to the playground, visiting the zoo, helping your mom learn how to take the bus, baking cookies, starting a scrapbook, or even running errands together is valuable “sister time.” Remember, nothing is more valuable than listening to a young mom share what’s going on in her life.

Would I have any Support?
A SIS social worker is always available to answer your questions, help set goals and boundaries, utilize community resources, and even connect you to other volunteers. Our goal is to assist you as you help your young mom create a home where a child can flourish.

What if I don’t have a lot of Experience with Young Mothers or Babies?
Women who have never had a baby, single career women, as well as stay-at-home moms and working mothers have all been excellent SIS volunteers. Your role is to simply be an adult friend. Being yourself and having fun together is a great way to support a young mom. And remember, a professional caseworker is always available to help.

For more information or to become a Sisters-In-Support volunteer, please contact Stephanie at 616.774.4622 or to email her click here.

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