Community & Mental Health Services

Community & Mental Health Services

D.A. Blodgett -St. John’s Community and Mental Health Services provides a variety of mental health services to children under the age of 18 and their families.

The Infant Mental Health Services at D. A. Blodgett - St. Johns is designed to provide in-home counseling to parents/guardians and their young children to improve bond and attachment.  Services are designed to reduce abuse, neglect, delays, and behavior or emotional concerns. Pregnant women and those parenting infants and toddlers from birth to 4 years of age are eligible for services.

Case Management provides services addressing mental health and substance abuse issues that are individualized, needs-focused, and increase stability for the child and their family. Services include assessment, planning, linking, advocating, coordinating, and monitoring plans that promote healthy family functioning, support families remaining intact in a community setting, and reduce the use of, or shorten the length of stay in psychiatric hospitals. The Case Manager supports the family in identifying their needs and creating a responsive plan that best fits the family’s strengths to bring about change for the identified child.

The Case Manager’s role is to support the family in building natural supports and making referrals to community resources, including advocating and accessing services when the child is having difficulties in school, coordinating Community Living Supports, respite services, or Youth Enhancement Program services.

Children’s Outpatient Services is a mental health and substance abuse program designed to provide brief individual outpatient therapy sessions for children ages 5-17 in an individual setting for the purpose of helping them to understand and manage a wide range of developmental and behavioral issues. These issues can include depression, anxiety, child abuse effects, harming oneself, slowness in learning, eating disorders, phobias, aggression, and other symptoms or difficulties in behavior and feelings. The therapist helps children assess their issues by observing their behaviors and assessing what treatments will best benefit the child. Therapists also coordinate other medically necessary services with the family, including respite, psychiatric services, and with the family’s primary care physician.

Home-Based Services (HBS) is a mental health program designed to provide intensive services to children 5-17 years old and their families. The primary goals are providing comprehensive services to address mental health and substance abuse issues to promote normal development and healthy family functioning, support and preserve families, reunite families who are separated, and reduce usage of psychiatric hospitals. Collaboration is encouraged between the family, natural support people, community resources, professional caregivers, and other services needed to address the needs of the child and family.

Treatment is based on the child’s needs with a focus on the family unit. Services are provided in the client’s home or settings convenient for the child and family. Flexible appointment times are available, with no less than four hours of in-person contact per month, and crisis intervention available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HBS staff also coordinate other medically necessary services with the family, including Community Living Supports, respite, psychiatric services, and with the family’s primary care physician.

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