Young Delinquent Program

Treatment of Delinquency in Adolescents

The Young Delinquent Intervention Program works with youth 12 years old and younger and their families who have broken the law. The goal is to reduce the chances the youth will commit another crime by learning positive alternatives to offending and an increased respect for others.

We are interested in the long-term success of the youth involved. By providing weekly services to the youth and their families in the home, we can make it easier and less complicated for families to obtain necessary services.

What can I expect?
Our staff brings together the family and community resources to improve communication and the child’s compliance with the law. Soon after a child is referred to us, a staff member will arrange to meet with the youth and their parent(s) to learn more about the family. The information gathered will be used to develop a plan to address the needs of the youth and their family. These needs could include housing, school performance, behavior issues, peer relationships, discipline concerns, family functioning, financial needs, etc.

What services are available to us?
• Family therapy
• Crisis intervention & counseling
• Parent education
• Therapy group for kids
• Support group for parents
• Tutoring
• Mentoring
• Social recreational activities
• Family gym night
• Camp scholarships
• Attendance at all Court Hearings
• Regular contact with school staff
• Attendance at school conferences

How will this help my family?
Research shows the younger the child is when they break the law, the more likely further delinquency will occur. Our treatment is designed to identify risk factors and family needs, and work on improving these concerns through social, academic, recreational, therapeutic, and other enrichment activities for your child and family.

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