Why We Exist

Why We Exist

Every child deserves a refuge: a place of shelter and security that they can trust. In turn, those children become the promise of tomorrow; the kind-hearted, generous and giving people who reach out to help as they have been helped.

Through no choice of their own...
Children are utterly vulnerable to the parents who raise them. Parents, for the most part, determine physical well-being, emotional health, and learning capacity of their children. Most parents want what’s best for their children, but sometimes they need help…

Young children are helpless victims of the choices their parents make. D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s protects and nourishes children until they are old enough to make their own choices. Our goal is to do what is in the best interest of the child. Sometimes that means a return to their family; sometimes it does not. But the child’s best interests always come first.

"[This agency] is a bright light of hope, illuminating a future of possibility for thousands of children who would otherwise be lost in the darkness of fear and despair. “These little children we are caring for belong to us all – to the human family – and is it not your privilege and ours to assist in giving them a fair chance in the world?”

-Excerpt from the D.A. Blodgett Board Report, October 1915